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8 beginner plants for edible gardens

If you’re looking for a fool-proof starter garden, consider these 8 beginner plants as the best way to start. Whether you want to save on your next grocery bill or give organic growing a go, your very own veggie garden is a great way to get your hands dirty!
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Interior garden inspiration for your home

Bring your garden inside and style your home with a beautiful interior garden to bring not only elegance but also well-being into your life this year.
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5 tips to remember before growing your own vegetables

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is one of the trendiest gardening activities this year. Over the years, growing vegetables has become a necessity. This is even more so now, where environmental events often forces the prices through the roof.
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How to create an indoor vertical garden in your apartment

One of the most popular landscaping ideas is a vertical garden. However, these are just as effective indoors as well as outside. Vertical gardens can bring life and colour to your walls and less-attractive corners of your home.
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6 reasons your herb garden might have failed

Have you ever planted an herb garden only to have it fail within a couple of months or even weeks? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Here are a few reasons your herb garden might have not reached its potential.
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How to create a Japanese garden

Western styled gardens have been the main theme for most Australian backyards for many years. As we become more globalised and open to sharing and embracing other cultures, we have seen a rising trend in traditional Japanese gardens. These gardens are very earthly and do indeed reflect the way of life in Japan. Invariably, they are simple and resonant, and you too can bring Japan’s rich culture and poised garden design to your home!
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The best gardening trends for 2019

Gardening is one of the most rewarding and productive activities you can do and it serves as a great way of adding nature, beauty and value to your property.
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5 helpful tips for growing beautiful trees

If you’re looking to purchase a new tree to improve your landscape, there are a few key points to take into consideration. Climate is one of the first things you should really think about. It’s also important to check plant tags before you purchase, to ensure your new tree will survive well in your region.
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How to attract beneficial nature to your garden

What comes to your mind when you think of a garden? Trees, plants, and flowers. But what’s the one thing that truly makes your garden come to life? Nature.
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6 tips to create a Balinese inspired garden

Get your zen on with some tips for creating a Balinese-style garden!