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Beautiful front arbor design ideas

Beautiful structures like arbors, pergolas, and trellises can be used to adorn the exterior of your home. In fact, they have been around since ancient times, where they were a “stock standard” feature in ancient Greece.
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8 ways to create your dream small garden

Despite the common notion that “bigger is better”, even having a small garden in your backyard can be a great place to spend time. While some people own big landscaped areas in the suburbs, others simply choose to build a small unique garden with the limited space they have available.
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7 ways to spruce up your backyard on a budget

Backyards are the most flexible of living spaces. They are used for everything from outdoor dining to kids play areas and just about everything in between. One common misconception when it comes to backyards, is that it takes a lot of money to keep them looking great. The opposite actually holds true. You don't need deep pockets. Instead you can have a stunning backyard on a budget. Just follow these seven tips to make it happen.
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10 most beautiful gardens in the world

Are you an avid gardener looking to tackle a new project, but finding that you’re a bit low on gardening inspiration? We’ve got you covered!
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5 gardening tips to increase property value

Are you looking to redo your garden to sell? Then you should note that a well-designed and cared for garden will increase your property value drastically. Let me state at the outset however, that you don’t really need to have a “green thumb” or be an experienced gardener to improve your home’s appearance and value. Keep it simple and functional, as prospective buyers can find meticulous gardens a turn off.
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How to create a pet-friendly garden

Australia is subject to sometimes extreme weather changes, so it’s important that your pets have a safe and suitable garden to roam in. We have some ingenious tips to cultivate a pet-friendly garden for healthier plants and happier fur babies.
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The healthiest pool water alternatives

Now that the end of Winter is fast approaching, it’s time to get excited for the warm Summer days to come: think firing up the BBQ and spending the weekends relaxing by the pool! If you‘re going to be taking a dip and want to ensure that the water in your swimming pool is as healthy as possible, there are a few different pool water alternatives that you may want to consider.
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The benefits of growing your own fruits and veggies

We live in a country with rich soil perfect for veggie gardens and fruit trees, so why not grow our own natural herbs and organic food?
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Growing veggies: The beginners guide

If you're tired of trekking your way to the grocery store for fresh vegetables, we have the solution for you.
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Top gardening ideas for urban areas

If you have a green thumb but a small space, it’s not impossible to get your dose of greenery. Here's how: