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3 reasons you need a project manager

11th Feb '16 • By Emily Ayers

Why you might you need and benefit from a project manager.


When it comes to large construction projects, there is a point where most individuals realise the work is beyond the realms of their expertise or time constraints. At this stage, people feel inclined to start finding quotes from different suppliers and start to put together proposals for getting the work done elsewhere. But there is another way. Hiring a project manager can remove this burden, instead placing it in the hands of a professional.

1. Your Project is Too Big to Handle

Sometimes construction and renovation projects become just too big to handle, especially if you work or have a family to take care of. A project manager can alleviate all of this hassle and can bring experience to the table in dealing with contractors and pulling big projects together. A project manager can make your life much easier and is often the best option for those considering large scale renovation or construction work.

2. Your Project is too Complex

Your project might also be too complex to be handled without experience. Imagine there is a problem with your buildings foundation or the building is historically important – some things are too hard to manage in your spare time and is just beyond the extent of your comfort zone. If your project is too complicated, hiring in a project manager with knowledge and an established track record could prove to be a wise move.

3. Your Project has to Run to Schedule

Renovation and construction works invariably run behind schedule and delays can be hugely costly, potentially throwing off other phases of the project. If you need your project to run to budget and on schedule, the project manager provides a single accountable contact in charge of achieving these objectives.


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