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Instructing architects for your extension

9th Sep '15 • By Ed Kameleon

Thinking of hiring an architect? Here are 3 things should keep in mind before you hire any service professional.


1. Experience

Experience is a key point when it comes to instructing the right architect for your project. It doesn’t matter the scale of your extension – you need to be certain that the architect in question has experience of handling your type of project. Any architect should feel comfortable showing you examples of their past work, and be able to discuss the planning and construction process with you. This can be a good indication that you are on road to a good architect.


2. Cost

Architects can vary wildly in costs. Like lawyers, accountants, or any other professional, different architects pitch at different ends of the market. Some firms are only interested in multi-million construction projects for commercial clients. Others will exclusively target residential developments like small home extensions. Getting the wrong type of architect to look at your project can end up needlessly costing you thousands, so make sure you are looking at the right end of the market for your construction project.

3. Reputation

Reputation is all-important when it comes to choosing a professional, and architects are no different. Talk to neighbours, friends and colleagues about their experiences, and find out which architects they have dealt with in the past. A recommendation from a friend, or reviews and write-ups online about different local architects can give you a good insight into whether you are making the right choice. If you are unsure of where to look online for an architect we recommend They have a wide variety of Tradies, including architects all over Australia.


Different architects provide different levels of service, and it’s important to make the right call – both for the success of your project, and the protection of your wallet. By bearing these three essentials in mind, you stand the best possible chance of instructing the right architect for your project.

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