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6 easy DIY home decor ideas

Are you a DIY extraordinaire looking for new inspiration? We have some trendy chic DIY home decor ideas that will get you in the creative spirit.
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11 hilarious mailboxes you need in your life

These mailboxes that will be sure to make you LOL.
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What are the most common home maintenance repairs?

It’s often easy to find help and advice for undertaking highly challenging and specific repairs that need to be done around the home. What’s not always so easy is finding useful information about some of the more common home maintenance repairs!
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5 DIY gifts for Mum that look professional

Ditch common tacky DIY projects and go for creating professional looking finished DIY gifts for your beloved Mum.
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How to build your own basic toolbox

Live in a home? There’s a good chance something inside of it will break. Ever bought furniture? You’ve probably had to assemble it, and will have to again many more times in future no thanks to your addiction to IKEA and all of its enticing contents. No matter what the reason may be, having an easily accessible toolbox in your home stocked up with some essential tools will get you out of a infinite number of sticky situations.
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How to choose the right business for your needs

Get those projects around the home or office finished ASAP by the professionals.
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10 Great Backyard Ideas to Make Your Yard Stand Out

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best ideas to make your garden to stand out.
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5 Budget Friendly Home D.I.Y. Ideas

Below we have a lot of fun and inexpensive D.I.Y. ideas you can complete this weekend. You can undertake the project yourself or get your whole family on board!
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Best Maintenance Projects This Holiday Season

The Christmas period is the perfect time to tend to those much needed maintenance projects around the home. We’ve compiled a list of tasks that are great to fix over the summer break.
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How to Install a Closet Organiser

Most closet organisers can be installed using simple DIY procedures. You can accomplish the entire job by yourself and create a personalised closet. Here’s How!