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How to find an affordable plumber

11th Nov '20 • By Rohit Mankame

In most cases, we think of cheap plumbers as sub-par or a lower service in most situations, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be in the case. We discuss how to find affordable plumbers that won’t break the bank but still provide high quality work…

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Plumbing work accounts for one of the most significant repairs that need to be conducted in a home. Therefore, it will end badly, if you employ an unqualified plumber to work at whom, where the plumber is more likely to make the problem worse. 

You’ll probably have to spend more money to fix the original problem and then for the new damage. This happens quite often as finding affordable plumbing that provides high quality can be difficult. Most plumbers are willing to make money fast and move to the next customer who is unaware of their bad services. So, you need to be careful when hunting for a plumber. You should try to check the efficiency of the plumber in accordance with the price that they quote. The best way to avoid low quality plumbers is to eliminate low quotes, asking family and friends and checking online reviews.  

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How to find an affordable plumber?

Avoid Cheap Quotes 

Plumbing businesses usually take advantage of consumers who don’t have the financial resources. Not every plumber is proud of their plumbing services. Some dodgy plumbers intentionally provide bad services for meager prices. Customers often accept the quote based on a cheap price before they figure out that they've hired a plumber that is untrustworthy. Many times getting things cheap often proves to be expensive in the long run. So it's best to avoid cheap quotes, do your research for quality work and find affordable plumbers.

Online Reviews 

We live in a digital age. Who doesn’t use the internet to make decisions and look up for products and services online? If you want to hire a plumber, you should check out the plumber’s reviews online. There are numerous websites like that include plumbers and concentrate on genuine trusted tradesmen for various businesses. Sometimes businesses offer low prices to attract buyers for substandard work. If you cheap out in the initial stage, it’ll prove to be very expensive in the future. One should always check the negative reviews, even when they are few, to see whether the plumber is trustworthy. In case one finds no negative reviews, then that is an ideal plumber to hire.  

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Get Multiple Quotes 

Never trust a plumber who does not give a quote prior to starting the project. If one has to do any plumbing work, on the basis of the work needed, an expert plumber must be able to give a fair estimation of the cost. Some plumbers also have free consultations where they visit a home of a customer and make an evaluation of the house before making a quote. 

You should always be suspicious of plumbers who stop talking about the cost of work. Usually, they are unclear about the price as they want to start the job as soon as possible without negotiating the rate. Always get a written quote, so that later on there will not be any changes in the quoted price. 

Employ a Licensed and Qualified Plumber

Homeowners should make sure that they ask to see a plumber’s credentials before work can be completed at their house. With respect to plumbers, there are different laws for each state. Thus, one has to ensure that they review their state’s legal standards in advance. 

In order to get a license, plumbers have to pass tests to show their ability as a plumber. A licensed plumber can guarantee quality work and can be able to come up with a reasonable price for all the work done. 

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What work does a plumber do?

Emergency Plumber

You would quickly require a plumber in critical circumstances, such as burst pipes. To deal with plumbing that is no longer operating, an emergency plumber is available all day. 

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Drain repair and blocked drains 

Drain repairs are often needed due to drainpipe blockages. These blockages are mainly caused by items like tree roots, discarded oils, fat, grease and other types of litter. The only way to repair blocked drains permanently is to replace old pipes with new ones entirely, otherwise your plumber can use a diagnostic CCTV drain camera to locate the underlying cause. 

Toilet repairs

This includes the construction, restoration and servicing of tubing and fittings involved with the drainage of sewage from the household. A plumber will repair your toilet as quickly as possible, to get your toilet back on track.

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Plumbing maintenance 

A good plumber can undertake all the plumbing projects around your home and restore your systems to perfect working order. regular maintenance will reduce the risk of minor complications leading to major problems in the future. 

Hot water system installation and repairs

A plumber can provide services to support the installation of hot water, steam, electric and solar hot water systems, services, repairs, and replacement. Make sure that your plumber is eligible and approved to perform your hot water system installation and repair.

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What is the cost of hiring a plumber?

How much does it cost to hire a plumber? Well it depends on the type of job being undertaken. Plumbers will often charge a fee simply for their call out, particularly in emergency situations. This is the minimum fee that a plumber will expect for coming out to your home, as this covers the cost of their time to travel and to quote on your project. Call out fees vary between different plumbers, so it is essential you ask them to specify their charging structure before you ask anyone to come and inspect your plumbing problem. 

These fees can range anywhere between $60 to $100 typical with an hourly rate on top of that of $100 to $150 depending on the plumber’s experience and skills. 

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