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2021 bathroom tile trends

26th Mar '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Take a look at our top 4 bathroom tile trends for 2021

New wall or floor tiles, similar to a fresh coat of paint, will immediately improve the look of your bathroom. This season there are so many colourful and creative possibilities for all tastes, lifestyles, and budgets. If you're planning a major bathroom renovation in 2021, tiling would be the perfect place to start. Unique colour variations and mismatched tile designs, contrasting hues, and surprising textures seem to be the season's hit. Here's a list of bathroom tile ideas to get you started.

Bohemian style

Embrace the tile trend, which lends an art-inspired feel with exotic designs and handmade finishes to channel your inner global bohemian style. Stick to a small colour palette when mismatching tile patterns so the result isn't too dizzying. However, if you have brightly coloured walls for your bathroom accessories, keep in mind bohemian tiles and designs aren't the best option for you.  Display a retro painting in an ornate frame for extra boho style points. Hand-crafted tiles with a vibrant appearance create rich textural surfaces, making them a great addition to your bathroom project with an imaginative twist.
Brass fixtures and decor elements ideally complement the bohemian variety of colour and materials.  The trend's great colour and textural variations on the modern design scene will help you select the one that best suits your style.  You can also spice it up. There's no need to stick to the same old pattern of arranging rectangular tiles; maybe try hexagon tiles.

Subway tiles

Subway tiles can appear to be dull to some.  These white rectangles seem to be fairly common. But subway tiles in 2021 are different, as they will deviate from the standard size. These tiles are now available in a wider range of colours, larger sizes, and modern style patterns. Soft pastel colourways will bring energy to the bathroom without overpowering it, and will give it an organic look that will appeal to those who are tired of the blandness of porcelain designs. Glass subway tiles bounce light around a tiny bathroom, making it feel more spacious. Keep bathroom fixtures and cabinetry simple and clean-lined, and add fresh greenery and simple accessories to complete the look. The subway tile rectangular shape is perfect for small bathrooms – it will make them appear roomier. Fitting a new bathroom can dramatically alter the appearance of your home and increase the value of your property.

Add dimension to your bathroom

Tiles are literally raising their profile and adding extra dimension to bathrooms that were previously defined by planes of hard and smooth surfaces. Sculptural tiles in ceramic and porcelain add a layer of unique texture to bathrooms, giving them an interesting textured quality. They range from bas-relief (an artistic technique that involves lightly carving a design into a surface) patterns to smooth pinstripes that pop. Install wall sconces and invest in good lighting to highlight the surface. Also, stick to neutral colour and material palettes to create a sophisticated look that allows the texture of the tile to be the star.
To make a bold statement, take these tiles all the way to the ceiling and accessorise them with neutral elements that complement the tile without taking centre stage. When using sculptural tiles, stick to a neutral colour palette to maintain the sophisticated vibe and avoid overpowering the senses with 3D richness and colour explosions. But don't worry, when it comes to ordinary tile compositions, there are no colour restrictions; instead, the emphasis is on forms, patterns, and colours – so have fun!

Faux timber tiles

Bathrooms and wooden floors aren't the best of friends. Moisture and humidity can harm wood, but that doesn't mean you can't bring a touch of nature into your bathroom design. Although authentic wood tiles with the texture of oak, cherry, or maple wood are the most common, faux wood tiles are becoming more popular. They're perfect for the bathroom because they prevent dirt and moisture without compromising design aesthetics. Wooden-textured tiles just add to the sense of nature that is important for some people.   Mix natural stone tiles and other materials, such as concrete, with wood-like tiles for a more realistic look.
Timber-look tiles have the tactile warmth and organic appeal of real wooden planks, but they are made of porcelain or ceramic tiles and are simple to maintain. The faux-wood finishes vary from clean oak and walnut to rustic, beachy designs that fit well in a bathroom with a coastal theme.  Using timber-look tiles on the walls and floors can create a cosy atmosphere. However, to avoid feeling claustrophobic in a tiny sauna, use contrasting white surfaces to complement and highlight the tile's natural grain.

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