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Coldbuster Pty Ltd

Your #1 Floor Heating Service!

Underfloor heating is now an affordable heating option for new builds and renovations. At Coldbuster, we supply specially designed electric floor heating products that are cost-effective, quick and easy to install and are energy efficient to run. 

Our floor heating benefits include but are not limited to:

Comfort: Nothing compares to floor heating, It creates the best ambiance of any heating choices!

Extra benefit: A bit obvious, but floor heating is the only heating choice that heats both the air AND the floor. Think bare feet in winter!

At floor level: You want to heat the area from where you are, not from high up on the wall or the ceiling. After all, heat rises!

Evenly distributed throughout the floor area: No overly cold or hot spots, no gusts of hot air blasting out from a single point!

Unobtrusive: Nothing visible and nothing to store. No sound, no smell, nothing hot to touch. No outside venting required.

Maintenance free: Coldbuster floor heater kits require no maintenance and there are no moving parts or wear and tear.

Long warranty: 20 Years for Heaters & 3 years for Thermostats.

Safety: No high voltage or hot surfaces. Heater elements are fully earthed & waterproofed, offering protection against fire and shock (must be connected to an RCD). No combustible gasses.

Allergy & environmentally friendly: No volatile organic compounds (typical in air circulation units), no nitrogen oxides (typical in gas heating), no smoke, fumes, dust or electromagnetic radiation.

Speed: Quick response time can be as low as 30 minutes.

Cost effective to run:

· The Coldbuster smart thermostats ensure heat turns on at the right times to achieve the desired temperature at the desired time, resulting in huge ongoing savings.

· Heating can run on a duty cycle, so it automatically turns off when desired temperature is reached.

· Heating can be zoned to specific areas, so areas not in use can be turned off.

· Where a floor has significant thermal mass and off-peak rates exist, heat can be stored to carry warmth during peak rates.

· Ongoing costs can be largely offset through use of solar energy, and even more so with batteries!

Easy & quick installation: So simple that all our floor heaters are DIY kits, with easy to follow installation guides. Videos are available online and our extra friendly staff are but a phone call or email away. No special tools or experience required. But we can install if you like!

Low capital cost: Coldbuster floor heating cost far less to purchase than other heating choices, but still retains a luxury image.

Incredible investment: The relatively low cost of Coldbuster floor heating associated to its luxury feel means it can add far more value to your property than its cost. Adding floor heating can vastly improve the opulence of your property!

Contact our reliable & friendly team today for your free quote!



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