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How much does a wardrobe cost? | 2020 cost guide

28th Nov '19 • By Jared Jeffery

When it comes to the cost of a Wardrobe these can vary depending on your requiremets. Check out this Wardrobe cost guide for an estimated cost.


Cost of a Wardrobe 2020

Expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $30,000 for a wardrobe in 2020. Bearing in mind, that this is of course subjective to the size of your chosen wardrobe, design complexity and materials necessary. Wardrobes, many a person’s one true love. Home to your precious clothing items, your favourite shoes, jewelry and even your secret stash. Or perhaps it is the keeper of your more untidy side, a place to put the mess out of sight. 

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However you choose to operate or keep your wardrobe, it is yours. It is a part of your home that you use every day, often without a second thought. Perhaps the time has come to rip out that 70s walk-in and create the modernised walk-in wardrobe you have always dreamed of. Or maybe you are just looking for a slightly bigger place to stash your tees. Whatever your needs, there comes a time when you will ponder how much a wardrobe costs. 

Article Overview 

  • So, how much does a wardrobe cost in 2020?

  • Average Wardrobe Costs

  • Wardrobe Installation Costs

  • What are the different types of wardrobes?

  • Who to hire to install a wardrobe? 

  • Wardrobe FAQs

So, how much does a wardrobe cost in 2020?

We would like to begin by declaring that there is a wardrobe for every budget, every bedroom area and every taste. So let’s begin. 

Average Wardrobe Costs: 

  • Free standing or flat pack wardrobes: $100 to $1,000 

  • Preloved wardrobes of any style: $100 to $400 

  • Basic built-in wardrobe: $1,000 to $5,000 

  • Walk-in wardrobes: $20,000-$30,000 

These prices are an approximation, if you opt for higher end designs or cheaper materials your price may vary. 

Wardrobe Installation Costs:

  • Free standing or flat pack wardrobes: do not require professional installation, however you may enlist the help of a handyman. 

  • Basic Built-in: $40-$80 per hour 

  • Walk-in wardrobe: addition $120 fee per hour 

Professionals will typically charge between $40 to $150 per hour to install/build your wardrobe, depending on the complexity and size of the job. On the lower end you will likely be hiring someone just starting out in the industry with minimal experience and perhaps a slower process. In the mid range, will be a professional of a few years still building their client base. Toward the higher end is the experts, with years of experience and an extensive portfolio of clients. 

What are the different types of wardrobes?

Classic Free Standing Wardrobe 

We have to begin with the classic free standard wardrobe, an ideal choice for those on a lower budget or unsure about how long they will require the wardrobe for. It is the most affordable wardrobe option, available at most home stores such as Bunnings, Ikea and even Kmart. The good news is that it is completely ready to go, you just have to get it into your desired spot. 

There are however a few negatives associated with free standing wardrobes, such as the limit size options and capacity to mould with a room’s existing shape.

Flat Pack Wardrobe

The flat pack wardrobe offers another lower cost purchase, also available at most home stores. This requires a little more savviness as you will have to assemble the wardrobe yourself, or you can enlist the help of a handyman.

Custom Built Wardrobe

Custom build wardrobes are ideal for master bedrooms, home improvement projects or for if you have a very specific set of expectations and desires for your wardrobe. You have the choice of making your custom built wardrobe freestanding or built in. 

The downside is that it will naturally cost more than the previous two options, but for the wardrobe of your dreams it is worth it. 

Built in Wardrobes

Our favourite for kids rooms, offering ample opportunity for organisation. Built in wardrobes are loved for their spacious storage, flexible design options and minimal capacity used in the room (due to them being in the wall). 

The only possible negative with a built in wardrobe? You have to leave it behind if you move house.

Walk in Wardrobe 

We left the best until last, the most luxurious of the wardrobes… the walk in wardrobe. This is perfect for statement homes looking for an added touch of the finer things in life. Ample storage space, it almost feels like a room within your room! You have room for shelves, drawers, glass cabinetry, an island and even a lounge! Divine. 

The catch? It is certainly going to cost you. Don’t be disheartened, there are plenty of humble walk in wardrobe designs available however the showstopper will cost you! 

Wardrobe Considerations 

You may want to consider the room you are putting your new wardrobe in, as this may affect your choices and budget. For example, in student rooms affordable DIY flat packs are recommended as the best option. 

Guest rooms may suit a free standing wardrobe as it is likely guests will have less clothing to store. Whereas kids rooms, as mentioned, best suit built ins due to the compartmentalised sections. 

Who to hire to install a wardrobe? 

For custom, built in and walk in wardrobes you will probably need to enlist the help of a professional (unless you are DIY wiz). For this, we recommend browsing the available builders, architects and carpenters on 

You should hire a trustworthy professional who can provide proof of qualifications, experience and references. As always, we encourage taking quotes from several different professionals to ensure you receive the best price possible. 

Wardrobe FAQs? 

Can I install a new wardrobe myself?

That depends on the type of wardrobe, if it is a free standing or flat pack wardrobe yes! If it is a built in, custom or walk-in wardrobe you will likely need to hire a professional. That being said it can be a DIY project for experienced DIYers. 

What wardrobe is right for me? 

Consider your needs and budget. Spend some time researching the options available and have a chat with some experts to decide upon the right wardrobe for you. 

How much is a wardrobe? 

Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $30,000 for a wardrobe in 2020. Bearing in mind, that this is of course subjective to the size of your chosen wardrobe, design complexity and materials necessary. 

Is a custom built wardrobe worth it?

If you have a specific set of functionality needs and design desires for your wardrobe, then yes a custom wardrobe is worth it. 

What if I don’t like my new wardrobe?

If you have bought a freestanding or flatpack wardrobe most stores will allow you to return it or change it, given it is in perfect condition. As for built in, custom and walk-in wardrobes, you should have been approving designs and checking the process as it was made. If not, have an honest conversation with the professional working for you and see if together you can find a solution. 

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