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How to choose the best outdoor lights

It is never been easy deciding what outdoor lights best suits your needs. Read our outdoor lighting buying guide to help you choose the perfect lighting for you.
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10 Important Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity is one of the most dangerous mediums and flow of energy there is in your home; it is capable of causing serious injury and even death if not handled with care. As a result, it’s not advisable to undertake any electrical works yourself without understanding exactly what you are trying to achieve.
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How much does an electrician cost? | 2020 cost guide

When you need to hire an electrician, the next question is what is it going to cost. Get to know how much an electrician costs and what services they can help you with.
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Cost of an Electrician in Melbourne

As a general rule, simple electrical jobs are cheaper and more complex jobs will naturally be more expensive. We have a general cost guide here to give you an accurate measure as to what an electrician will cost you in Melbourne.
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What is a Master Electrician?

If you’ve ever seen the term “Master Electrician” when researching local electrical businesses for your electrical job, you may be wondering what the difference is between a Master Electrician and a regular electrician. Here’s what you need to know about this qualification!
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Factors That Contribute to the Cost of an Electrician

Finding a qualified, accredited electrician is straightforward enough. Online directories like have thousands of electricians at your fingertips. However, depending on your budget limitations, hiring an electrician can be an expensive process. Let’s look at the factors that can affect the price of a project. In this way, you can take the stress out of what can already be a stressful situation!
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Choosing the Best Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can be much more than just a functional or necessary aspect of your home. Depending on what type of lighting fixtures you use, your home can become a place of ambience where a sense of relaxation is always evident. There are so many different light fixtures to choose from, many of which can be fitted yourself.
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8 Lighting Tricks to Make Spaces Appear Bigger

Are you worried your house feels a bit small and cramped? Do you wish to make your home look bigger but you don’t have a large budget? According to experienced interior decorators, you can make spaces appear bigger with proper lighting. Check out these great tips below and start reinventing those areas of your home you thought you were stuck with.
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9 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

With a few simple, yet effective changes you can immediately start to save on your energy expenditure. Energy bills are one of the most expensive utility costs a homeowner has to pay. There are a number of practical measures you can take at home to reduce your energy costs and thereby keep your monthly outgoings to a minimum.
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6 Unique Statement Lighting Ideas

Trade in your traditional lighting with crazy cool fixtures. Give your home a bit of extra sparkle and add some of that wow factor!